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Vimala Rajendran

Profession/Passion: Restaurant Owner and Chef/Advocate and Activist for Grassroots Media, International Peace, and Stopping Domestic Violence
Business Name: Vimala's Curryblossom Café
Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Introduced by Lindsay Graham

Lindsay Graham

How did you meet Vimala?

First, I ate at her restaurant after being impressed by the Curry Blossom philosophy. They source from local farms, they pay a living wage, they have a 100% sanitation rating, and they embrace the philosophy "everybody eats" with a clear message on their specials chalkboard indicating that if it is a hardship to pay for the meal, diners can let them know and adjustments will be made to the cost.

Then I was lucky enough to be invited for high tea at Vimala's house via a friend who was in town for her mother's funeral. Vimala catered the event at no charge (clearly a significant work effort for her team, but Vimala recognized the financial strain faced by the family). I knew Vimala since I had eaten at her restaurant; however, Vimala was meeting me officially for the first time. The warmth of her welcome was no different than the welcome one senses when entering her always-bustling restaurant. Within minutes of our arrival Vimala was serving us tea and delicate snacks. When we left an hour later, I receive a warm hug from Vimala, as if I too (like my companion) had been friends with Vimala for the last three decades. And you know what? I feel as if that is true!

What is their profession or passion?

I have now spent a lot more time reading about Vimala online and watching the various videos and documentaries produced about her. What stands out is her generosity of spirit and pure commitment to serving others through her food and her philosophy of life.

What do you admire most about them?

All of the above.

Name a few core values that best apply to Vimala?

Vimala's core values are 1. Service to others. 2. Quality/premium product/service (in this case food, eating, environment, nurturing, celebrating.) 3. Helping those who are struggling (including feeding homeless, caring for battered women). She also attends a church that welcomes homeless members and gives them meaningful work.

In which categories would you recommend Vimala? Please check as many as apply.

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