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Vasyl Leskiv, DDS

Profession/Passion: Dr. Leskiv is passionate about rehabilitative dentistry.

Introduced by Giovanni Iuculano

Giovanni Iuculano

How did you meet Vasyl?

I had the pleasure of hiring Dr. Leskiv. I first met him at our interview in the office, and spent the morning with him as he treated patients.

What is their profession or passion?

He has a true passion for his work, family, and for the lives of the patients he helps.

What was significant for you about that meeting?

I was impressed by his technical expertise in several areas of dentistry, and the caring attitude he conveyed to the patients he treated.

He truly loves working with patients, restoring their mouths and oral function to be whole again. He uses a wide variety of procedures and techniques. His expertise and preferred area of focus is dental implants. Implants allow us to return someone's missing teeth to a level almost indistinguishable from natural, from an aesthetic and functional perspective. This is truly the best approach to make our patients whole from a body and mind perspective.

How do others benefit from knowing about them?

He has a rare blend of technical skills, caring attitude, attention to detail, and is a deep-down honest person.

The Story

Our relationship working together has driven me to expand my skill set as a general dentist in the procedures I offer. He has gotten me to go outside my comfort zone in exploring and learning new clinical skills.

How has Vasyl impacted others?

As a dentist providing care, he has had a profound change on a lot of patients in the Winchester area. He has been able to help them improve their overall health in terms of function, as well as changed their lives by recreating beautiful smiles that have provided patients with newfound confidence.

What do you admire most about them?

He inspires people through his constant hard work; he never says no to a patient. We find him running late into lunch or at the end of the day because he never turns a patient away. His attitude of hard work rubs off on his assistants as well.

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How can new dentists adequately prepare to perform implants using the most modern technology and protocols?


First: You must be patient. For dentists who have recently graduated, I recommend starting with simple cases. Most new dentists can do simple implant placement, but developing your ease and confidence for overall case management, especially for more complex cases, takes time. Over the years as you become more proficient and more confident, you take on more complicated cases. Start with simple cases; don’t do anything about which you’re not confident. Move forward gradually and take more CE courses. You learn so much during CE courses. Go to continuums, symposiums, and hands-on courses. Those kinds of things help new dentists, but it does not happen in one year. You need many years to develop those skills, in small steps.

Second: Consider your patients. From a patient perspective, it is so important for a dentist to take a personal approach to each individual patient. Spend time talking, listening to their concerns, answering questions, and explaining the benefits of the treatment. Discuss how their life could change if they do the treatment—their smile, their bite function, their overall health, and their confidence. In many cases, implants can dramatically transform patients’ lives by helping them feel okay about smiling again.