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Megan Toben

Profession/Passion: Environmental Education
Business Name: The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain
Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Introduced by Sarah Haggerty

Sarah Haggerty

How did you meet Megan?

Megan and I met many years ago through her work at the Eco-Institute.

What is their profession or passion?

Megan stands out as a pillar within a community. She is enthusiastic about being a facilitator of social change. She is focused on reconnecting people with authentic feeling and environmental awareness.

What do you admire most about them?

I always admire how Megan handles difficult experiences with grace. She models caring for people and she is amazing presence for people who are in need. She regularly supports people who are grieving over loss, addiction, or other challenging circumstances. As a nurturing presence in many people's lives, she brings positivity and balance to difficult conversations and she practices speaking with integrity and kindness.

Name a few core values that best apply to Megan?

Connectedness, Empathy, Community, Ecological Responsibility