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Why should I introduce someone on AboutThem?

When you introduce someone on AboutThem, you contribute to a positive cycle of building credibility and relationships, increasing exposure for meaningful projects, and setting great examples. This benefits you as well as whomever you introduce by creating a win-win situation.


Whom can I introduce?

AboutThem exists to spotlight exemplary individuals who bring great energy to their projects. Those who are passionate about what they do, whether professionally or voluntarily; who love to teach and learn; who elevate others; and whose accomplishments are specific, concrete, and identifiable are good candidates for AboutThem. We believe that there are many individuals who meet these criteria, but whose work may not be widely known. We encourage you to introduce as many as you can.


What if my nominee doesn’t like what I write?

Your nominee will have a chance to read and approve your introduction before it goes live online. If there are any areas that need adjusting or correcting, they will have the opportunity to address these before hitting the “approve” button.


How will I know that AboutThem has given final approval to my writeup?

AboutThem will give final approval to any writeup that follows our core guidelines. We suggest you contact your nominee to let them know that we will notify them via email that they have been nominated to AboutThem; and write a compelling nomination, taking care not to include anything trite or hasty. We look forward to hearing from you.