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9 Tips for Attracting More Social Media Followers

Chart showing social media following and viewer statistics

When it comes to all things digital marketing, Neil Patel is an industry leader, and he loves to share his knowledge. Whether you’re building a national brand or want to increase the digital presence of your project or small business, Neil’s site is a valuable tool you shouldn’t be without. At AboutThem, we tip our hats to him. Here are our takeaways from his outstanding blog post on how to increase your social media following. Thanks, Neil!

  1. Create useful, informative content centered on your potential readers, not on the content source (yourself). This shows that you care about your readers and makes your brand “follow-worthy.”
  1. Follow other follow-worthy brands, and then let your current followers know why you’ve followed those brands. This builds your credibility.
  1. In the same vein, share and retweet good content, and give credit to the content originators where it is due. This serves the double purpose of building important relationships with influencers and increasing your post count.
  1. Cross-post your content to different platforms for maximum exposure. What gets average response on one platform may do much better on another.
  1. Get involved in online social groups and communities to attract more followers organically. The more active you are in those groups, the better chance that group members will follow your brand.
  1. Answer questions on sites like Quora and Reddit to establish your brand as a credible leader and knowledge source. This helps your readers, while helping you promote your own social media channels.
  1. Use paid ads strategically, to primarily inform and secondarily advertise, with the goal of getting readers to engage. Content-based ads and video ads work best for raising brand awareness; sales ads work best for product sales. Blended ads work best for getting readers to engage and follow your brand.
  1. Measure your success by using Google Analytics and other tools to track your social traffic.
  1. Be amazing outside social media—put your money where your mouth is!

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