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4 Reasons That Promoting Others is a Best Practice

Recognizing the best in others and promoting them does more than make their day; it creates a cycle of positivity from which more positivity flows. Here are four important reasons to make promoting others one of your best practices!

1. Promoting others builds credibility for everyone.

When you promote others, you provide them a measure of credibility because you are willing to vouch for their excellence. Doing so of your own accord is an unselfish act. Implicit in that unselfishness is the message that you too are credible.

Of course, the caveat in this is that while promoting others is laudable, it is important to do so because you want to, whether you are initiating the promotion or responding to a request. However, it’s not a best practice to promote anyone whose work or product you don’t know or trust; doing so is a gamble, and it could backfire.

How can you gracefully handle a request to promote someone whose work you may not know or trust? A polite but honest response is always best. Check out this five-minute video from entrepreneur Marie Forleo for some great, practical advice.

2. Promoting others helps you create, solidify, and maintain relationships.

When you promote an individual you already know, you base what you say on your personal experience, and others appreciate your honest accolades. When you don’t have a personal relationship with someone whose outstanding work moves you to offer a testimonial, whatever you say may serve as your introduction to that person. That connection could lead to a mutually beneficial relationship, because people naturally respond to those who show them in a positive light! Just be sure your words are genuine and based on your real experience.

3. Promoting others strengthens existing influencers and positions new ones.

When you promote others, the credibility you create helps to build authority for them and you. You also begin (or continue) to position yourself as an influencer—someone whose opinions deserve attention and respect. Promoting others online frequently generates new links to your website or your various online profiles—and links are imperative to enhancing your digital footprint. This is a bonus for anyone averse to self-promotion, but whose work requires a digital presence.

4. Promoting others sets an example that encourages those you promote to pay it forward.

When you make the time and effort to promote the good work of someone else, the gratitude that person feels often fuels his or her desire to do something similarly generous. Paying it back is frequently the first thing that comes to mind, and that’s admirable. But simply paying it back creates only a closed cycle, positive for the individuals involved but ultimately benefiting only them. In contrast, paying it forward to another deserving individual—or more than one—opens the cycle of positivity and benefit to create more opportunities for connection and shared knowledge. This is one of the most rewarding outcomes any best practice can yield.



What would be your fifth reason? We’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

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